Just dismounted the Peloton.

My ride today had me channeling athletes.

They are so consistent!

Yesterday, I found my bike ride so challenging. I had to take 2 classes to reach my resistance and cadence goal.

Today with Emma Lovewell, who I think is one of the most demanding instructors, I kicked butt.

I had on the Olympics while I was spinning and I am in awe of how fit and consistent they are.

You realize after Simone Biles illuminated the mental health aspect of competing how much goes into being a top notch athlete well beyond the innate physical talent.

I salute all athletes…hey,  I will include myself.

I will never win an Olympic medal, but I do get up every morning and just do it, striving for consistency and of course, a tight core, flabless thighs and no grandma arms.

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  1. You go girl!!!

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