Come On Palisades, Deliver…


No takeout delivery in Pacific Palisades.

There are apps for everything. You can reserve a seat for a trip to the moon, but no Palisades takeout.

My kitchen is almost complete, but who has the energy to cook after doing hand to hand combat with the contractor, walking the dog, writing a blog, shopping for furniture, sconces, tile, backsplash and faucets.

The only options are pizza, expensive Mexican which is an oxymoron and Chinese. What happened to Chinese takeout?

It sucks. They have had centuries to perfect the art of Chinese cooking and to eliminate MSG. Chinese restaurants are slower to change than my renovations.


Why do you always have to request no MSG? Who likes MSG? In this day and age, I thought MSG was where the NY Knicks played.

In New York you can get your kids, dogs, toilet paper and any cuisine you desire delivered for free.

Butler with Take-out Food Containers on Tray

I need to start a food delivery service. Of course in the Palisades you would have to package the food in Hermes or Gucci wrapping and offer in-house botox parties as incentive.

In PP, many have live in help who cook or the blondies go to Gelson’s prepared foods counter. The other day there were 27 people ahead of me in line. I have never had a queue that long at Fairway and the takeout food in NYC is beyond superior and the amount of people in the upper west side ‘hood far surpasses the Palisades.

Just please deliver the damn food to my door and charge whatever, but don’t make me get dressed, hunt for a parking spot within reasonable walking distance of the restaurant and make it home while the takeout is still edible.

Last week, I was on my own and ordered chicken with steam vegetables from the local Chinese restaurant. I walked 4 blocks to pick up the food because there is never any parking in the Palisades.

It was 7:30 pm and I tried to park in the grocery store lot and the security guard would not allow it. If I was in Manhattan, 4 blocks later I would be at a Michelin star awarded restaurant and all I got for my effort was some lousy Chinese food.

Come on Pacific Palisades and LA as a whole, get with the program. Deliver more than just good weather.


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