Come On People Now…

Took a leisurely drive towards Santa Barbara along the coast at 8:30am yesterday morning.

I used to be all about a Sunday drive, but in Coronaville the specific day matters not.

The top was down, the traffic was light, sky was bright blue, sun was shining, no May Gray yet, idyllic conditions to release all the pent up anxiety one can experience from being cooped up in their home for 60 days and approximately 180 prepared meals, 60 zinc tablets and 120 Counter Attack immune system booster nasty tasting oregano laced pills.

Why do people tailgate early on a Sunday morning?

In California, one assumes they are not going to work, church, shopping, the beach or rendezvousing with friends for Sunday brunch.

None of the 3 middle finger obsessed male drivers were wearing scrubs or any type of uniform and when you are driving high end sports cars you are not working at a grocery store or other essential businesses such as tattoo and massage parlors…this ain’t Georgia, baby.

No sirens or flashing lights were present and undercover cops don’t drive a Ferrari.

There were two lanes…pass me Mother F***er…do not unnecessarily agitate anyone during these trying times.

I must admit to feeling one with God when after being tailgated and given the finger, 2 out of the 3 jerks were pulled over by mask wearing CHP officers…yahoo!!

Before our Sunday drive we hiked at 7:00am.

Why the hell are so few well informed people not  wearing masks?

Privilege knows no boundaries even though masks are mandatory in the state of California.

We practically had to climb on rooftops to social distance because these idiots prefer the middle of the road which is not 6 feet from where we were.

After our hike and drive we stopped at Sweet Lady Jane in Santa Monica for baked goods.

I was not in the mood to devote 3 hours to bread making…even higher powers rested on Sunday.

The bakery has amazing goods as well as strict Corona guidelines only permitting mask wearing customers in one at a time and providing gloves and sanitizer.

Of course, you must take away a slice of their famous Triple Berry cake.

I waited in the car outside Sweet Lady Jane.

The top was down and all of a sudden 5-6 people lean into the car, no masks, no gloves and started asking questions about my vintage VW.

I did not want to be confrontational because most of us know you can’t fix stupid. Plus, it is more difficult these days to participate in verbal sparring with a mask on.

Thankfully, David emerged and the crowd parted.

As my client Jesse Colin Young sang, “Come on people now Smile on your brother
Everybody get together Try to love one another
Right now.”

Social distance, wear masks and damn it, be nice.

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