Coffee Time…

3am coffee klatch.

Just me, Mika and Morning Joe.

I have to assume that there is something special about waking up every frigging day at 3am.

The upside is the world temporarily feels safe from MAGA maggots and the venomous GOP contempt for the working class.

The sounds of silence are reassuring.

Infrequently, I hear a car drive by and it seems so invasive. I often wonder where the driver is headed…work, hospital, the return home from a late night dalliance…

Coffee time is very soothing. The warm, fragrant liquid filling my soul with energy. The act of making the coffee can seem gargantuan before sunrise, but I persevere.

I often feel connected to my mom as early morning forays were in her wheelhouse.

I crave sleep, but after 1am it rarely comes.

Two sound hours of sleep happen immediately when I crawl between the embracing French linen sheets. Inevitably, the hourly wake up calls begin after that.

By 3am I am ready to greet the new day and bid farewell to the tumultuous night.

Good morning, America.


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