Code Orange…

America’s Democracy is tenuous.

We definitely have bred a homegrown Hitler.

How do we preserve our democracy and get rid of the vile, poisonous Orange virus which appears to be more contagious and deadly than the Coronavirus.

I am gobsmacked that Americans are voting for the Big Lie supporters in the primaries.

This has encouraged more violence.

Yesterday, a fascist follower attacked an FBI office in Ohio armed with the an AR-15, the desired weapon of choice amongst angry, emotionally stunted and intellectually deprived, bigoted, hatemongers.

Investigators are looking into whether the 42 year-old man had ties to extremist groups, including one that participated in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

He appeared in a video posted on Facebook on Jan. 5, 2021, showing him attending a pro-Trump rally at Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington the night before the Capitol was stormed and he was at the Capitol on January 6th.

The suspect was shot and killed yesterday when he would not surrender and exchanged gunfire with the police.

He recently posted that violence was the only solution to combat what has happened to trump and was in lock step with that ignorant slur, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I am mad as hell…aren’t you?

Sadly, you can’t fix stupid or re-educate the idiots who buy into the trump falsehoods and incendiary rhetoric.

It is all so logical, but morons cannot decipher them. None of the trumpsters will take a moment to listen to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s factual statement yesterday.

There was no surprise raid on Mar-a-Lago.

trump’s lawyers were present during the search. No misbehavior, no conspiracy, no planting of evidence with his legal team present.

It turns out that the FBI sought to locate classified documents related to nuclear weapons, among other items…an emotionally unstable, sociopath who would sell his children for a profit should not be in possession of highly sensitive, classified nuclear weapons documents and programs.

Stay tuned…it looks as though Humpty Trumpty may have a great fall as he has likely compromised the security of this country.

Wake up, America or we will all be living under the same oppressive conditions as in Russia, Venezuela, the Philippines, Hungary, Brazil and Cuba.

Do you want to be a member of a suppressed population suffocating under racist, anti-Semitic dictatorial rule?

We must vote for democratic candidates who actually want to keep America safe and great for all.



Photo:NBC News

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    💜 I will never understand

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