Clean Up My Act…

I cook frequently.

Not believable because I post weekly restaurant reviews?

It’s true and lately I am frequently in the kitchen as I am suffering from menu sticker shock. I am also frustrated by the lack of interesting new restaurants where you want to deplete your retirement fund.

Even the most basic restaurant dishes are expensive.

Are oysters and uni that difficult to acquire? If so, take them off the menu. Oysters are now $5 each. Uni has skyrocketed from $6 for 2 pieces at a sushi bar to over $20.

The downside to cooking is long stretches of standing in the kitchen, the repeated washing of the cutting board and utensils and the endless refrigerator game of hide and seek.

But, the saving grace in the mix is that I do have a clean up staff of one dedicated employee who does great work and takes direction well and is a very appreciative audience.

As with everything in life the more I cook and create the more relaxed and freewheeling I am. The art of cooking becomes a fun endeavor rather than a chore.

I must dash as I am scheduled to make mushroom soup.

My kitchen custodian is on Zoom calls, but there is a window of availability in about an hour so I am all over taking advantage.

Carpe Diem, baby…it is always challenging to find compatible, efficient live in help.


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