Chuck & Nancy Went Down The Hill…

A Trump Era Nursery Rhyme

Chuck and Nancy loved to wheel and deal and frolic up on the Hill

Constantly legislating various and sundry beneficial bills.

One day the erratic Orange Monster who lived in the White House ‘cross the way

Asked them to come on by for some bipartisan play.

Chuck and Nancy thought it was time to bite the bullet and romp over there

So they put on their big boy and girl pants, approaching the Big House behind the fence without any fear.

What they found was an overstuffed, self-impressed bullying Humpty Dumpty

Indulging in 2 scoops with cake, tweeting out yet another rancid self impressed Trumpty.

Aghast…denied and lied to, Chuck and Nancy pledged to never go back to the home of outlandish hair

Until the USA was governed by someone mentally stable, caring and fair.

Now, everyone, close your eyes and go to dreamland and pray that all this insanity it just a bad dream.



  1. Liked this new nursery rhyme.

  2. the best !!

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