Venturing out for a cocktail always reminds me of dating.

I love when my husband says let’s meet for a drink.

The other day the sun was prepping for setting and I was walking the dog in Central Park on a gorgeous fall day.

My cell rang and it was my perpetual date calling to ask me out.

My husband had just finished a long, rigorous day of work and offered to meet Finnley and me for a cocktail.

We quickly exited the park and headed uptown for our outdoor rendezvous.

It did not matter that we were in leisurewear.

A Chopin martini with extra olives tastes fabulous no matter the attire.

He was seated before me and I fell my heartbeat increasing.

He looked great.

I asked if the seat at the table was taken.

He invited me to join him.

The martinis were on the way.

We embraced the chilled glasses and toasted and chatted and sipped as the sun set.

Who says romance is dead?

After more than 40 years of cocktails with the same drinking partner I say cheers to the romantic, sexy tradition.



  1. LOVE IT…

  2. I’ll drink to that!

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