Check Into The Motel Morris…

Dive Into Wonderful American Fare At Motel Morris

Motel Morris.

Naturally I would be drawn to this new establishment.

Morris was my father’s name and one that isn’t bandied about much anymore.

On a warm, beautiful September afternoon I rendezvoused at Motel Morris in Chelsea.

I was so surprised to ascend from the grungy subway into a glorious day and be in the exact spot of my destination.

Outdoor Seating @ Motel Morris

We sat outside with a light breeze blowing.

The menu is very appealing, offering elevated American fare.

It was definitely a salad day and there were tempting options.

Grilled Little Gem Salad

We dove into our appetizer.

Grilled Little Gem Lettuce with pickled vegetables and za’atar lemon tahini was crisp and delicious accentuated by grilled Haloumi cheese ($14).

Chop Chop Salad

We shared the enormous and flavorful Chop Chop Salad comprised of napa cabbage, sugar snaps, pea tendrils, cilantro, peanuts, red onion with a lovely ponzu dressing ($15).

We added a delectable Seared Tuna ($10).

Chef Bill McDaniel, formerly at The Mermaid Inn and Red Cat, where he was head chef for nearly 15 years, helms the kitchen.

Before departing, I ventured inside to view the restaurant.

It is small, yet charming.

You must do a drive by in the pink 50’s style bathroom.

Owner Sam Nidel

Motel Morris is two doors down from the coffee shop, The Commons Chelsea, also owned by the four partners, brothers Sam and Brett Nidel, Brett’s wife, Tamara McCarthy and their childhood friend, Matt Mogil.

The brothers also live above the restaurant and Brett and Sam’s mother, Arlene, makes the daily dessert special.

I met Sam Nidel, one of the engaging owners.

I mentioned how difficult it is to find a great salad these days as create your own and salad bars are rampant.

He said that was one of the motivating forces that led to opening Motel Morris.

Appparently dinner is top notch and brunch is huge.

I usually step away from dining in Chelsea because I am always disappointed.

Motel Morris (Morris is a common thread amongst the owners) dispels the bad food karma in Chelsea.

Make a reservation at Motel Morris…you will delighted that you checked in.

Motel Morris

Motel Morris 132 7th Avenue, New York City. Open Tuesday-Saturday 5:30-11pm, Sunday and Monday 5:30-10pm. Lunch Wednesday-Friday 11:30am-3pm, Brunch Saturday and Sunday 11am-3:30pm. Reservations on

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