Charming Charleston…

21 hours of driving.

But the good news is I spent it with my 3 favorite humans and we had the opportunity to explore Charleston.

The Florida renovation saga continues, but we left it to Carlos the Contractor to finish the job…the aesthetically pleasing reality remains to be seen.

We spent time in Charleston, an historic city nestled on the banks of Charleston Harbor, an inlet for the Atlantic Ocean.

The gorgeous homes frame the picture of an elegant refuge from the travails of reality.

The homes are unique…quite stately and often colorful and very expensive.

The hotel was fabulous and beautifully decorated, blending mid century modern with trendy touches such as black and gold features in the bathroom.

We walked the quaint streets taking in all the pervasive southern charm, gardens and secret passageways.

Restaurants and bars abound.

We we’re treated to fried green tomatoes and downed peppery oyster shooters and amazing fresh oysters.


We also visited Charlottesville, Virginia and stayed in a lovely inn by the University of Virginia campus.

As the sun sets over the Blue Ridge Mountains and our eastern seaboard adventure, I bid you a good day wherever you may be.

Coffee Talk and Road Trip Observations:

I discovered that Burger King has the best fast food/road warrior fries and burgers…who knew. This was my first time at BK!

When alternate routes to 95 are suggested by Waze, take them.

Southerners are terrible drivers.

Americans complain about the economy, but try living north of Delaware or in California…case in point, gas is below $3 a gallon and restaurant prices and adult beverages are much more reasonable (check out the gas price!)

No tolls after Maryland…between NYC and Maryland tolls are $57 one way.

Southerners are reprehensible when it comes to wearing a mask.

Drive Thru Starbucks are a delight.

Satellite Radio is indispensable. No scanning for local reception and being left to listen to religious sermons and country music.

I can watch the NFL in the car on my phone.

Roadside billboards take the political temperature of the region…God and abortion should not be mixed with road kill.

Happy Trails💜

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