Channeling Mr. Rogers…

I walk Central Park multiple times a day.

It is my sanctuary, my backyard, my piece of the country in the middle of the busy, pulsating city.

Over the years I have developed a sardonic edge towards Central Park smokers, people who ride their bikes in restricted areas, dogs off leash during the day, dog owners who fail to pick up dog poop, litterbugs.

After last week’s tragic event in Pittsburgh and the insanity of the letter bomber I decided to be sweet, courteous and patient.

I want to give humanity the benefit of the doubt.

Well, I did my very best.

I only wish the other half met me halfway.

But, I will not be deterred.

Our country is on its knees and way to close to becoming an autocracy then I ever dared to consider.

I am going to channel Mr. Rogers for the next few weeks and see if I can kill with kindness.

We obviously are not going to agree with everyone’s point of view or political leanings, but we do not have to promote hate.

I was tested on Saturday.

I was on my way to the subway and a man of color came up and said, “All white people should die!”

It hit hard since I had just left the house in tears over the massacre in Squirrel Hill.

Agent Orange has given a free pass to all the bigoted, prejudice, intolerant people to say and do whatever they want.

He has declared himself a Nationalist which is one step closer to the beliefs of Nazi Germany.

But, there are more kind, rational Americans then there are right wing hatemonger extremists.

I do believe that we shall overcome…it’s just going to take time, patience and a Bigly change in the present government representation.

You can’t fix stupid, but in America you have the power to VOTE them out.

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