Channeling Cinderella…


Saturday, I really identified with Cinderella.

While I cooked, cleaned and styled  for the wicked step-sister who in reality is the beautiful and kind daughter, I laughed at myself while Windexing my reflection in the mirror.

Cinderella Doing Chores

I was in tattered clothing, with a rag in one hand and a broom in the other.

My fabulous daughter was prepping for the Creative Emmys. Departure time was 1pm and we needed to get her ready for the Ball.

The new silk designer dress had to be steamed, body replenished, the bed made, discarded clothing hung, the messy aura sanitized and purified.

The puppy had to be deterred from licking the lotion from newly moisturized legs. Now was not the time for a Finnley obsession.

The vintage necklace had to be properly draped around the neck. Additional jewelry selection was imperative. The correct evening bag selected.

The finished product was perfection.

The Princess Agent rode off in her Uber carriage and all was right with the world.

Courtny Catzel & ICM Posse
Courtny Catzel & ICM Posse


  1. We would do anything for our kids. And Courtny looks stunning! Hope all is well and I enjoy reading your daily thoughts!

    • I love that you are a daily Devil worshipper!! You are absolutely right about doing anything for our children…who could refuse Courtny and Stephanie!! I hope you plan a trip to NY this fall. We will be there.

  2. She looks beautiful. Finnley is the cherry on top!

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