Change Of Heart?!…

Sitting on my Peloton watching MSNBC while the sun was coming up I had a dumb ass epiphany.

I watched as Rick Tyler, ultra conservative Republican political analyst and national spokesman for the Ted Cruz 2016 Presidential run, corrected the talking head as she introduced him as a Republican strategist.

He emphatically announced he is a Former Republican adviser.

Previously, I barely tolerated him when he spoke.

Today, he caught my attention when he denounced the Republican Party and their stance and actions of late.

I am tardy to the bipartisan party, but I realized that in many ways the “other” political party members  are not that different from me.

I am talking moderates not people like Meghan McCain whose head I want to shave and then stick the fallout into her red rimmed pie hole (her extensions are as fake as her self-centered opinions).

Truthfully, I always try to support the person and not just the party, but I do uphold democratic values more so than Republican ideology.

Maybe moderates are more fiscally conservative than me, but honestly, a lot of the women wear pricey Louboutins.

I admire and stand with the founders of the Lincoln Project and they are all former old guard Republicans.

My kumbaya moment was a long time coming, but now with former Republicans running for cover from trump’s Republican contingent, I am a somewhat more patient political profiler.

As with dating where I rejected the unattractive, unintelligent, unathletic, unsportsminded, vertically challenged, unbroadway types that was not always the politically correct tactic.

I married a man who knows nothing about American sports and have been happily married for decades (of course, he isn’t vertically challenged and loves Broadway…I can compromise only so much!)

Perhaps I shall take under consideration a Republican friendie.

Ultimately, the other party members that are sane and fair minded are all more like me than imagined…we want the same things…food, shelter, healthcare,  safe neighborhoods, equality, job security, top notch education, clean water.

I draw the line at co-mingling church and state, anti-abortion, non-feminists, racists, anti-Semitic conservative idiots, but, forgive me, I do go on.

2021, I hear the melody and the lyrics…for the times, they are a-changin’🤞



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