Cell Addiction…

cellphonesThe cell phone has become the new cigarette…it is addictive, obsessive and obnoxious.

Air pollution from smoke is analogous to noise pollution from talking on cells…can you hear me now?!

They are both a social crutch beyond the practical usage of making a call. No smoking in restaurants is now a law, we need to legislate against cell phone usage in restaurants with the exception of taking photos.

I believe that many people smoke because they don’t know what to do with their hands. Yes, you can eat, gesticulate, pick your nose, adjust underwear, but unless your Rafael Nadal, you don’t do it on a continual basis.

Cells appear to be an extension of a body part. Maybe that is why they are called cells, the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism.

Ever worry that the gadget you spend hours holding next to your head might be damaging your brain? The evidence is starting to pour in and it isn’t pretty.


Yesterday, I walked back from the gym and 6 people would have bumped into me if I hadn’t bobbed and weaved. Texting is an obsession.

A guy was texting and reading his messages during spin class. His significant other is a well known model…was he reaching out and touching God, trying to hook up an Angel with more assignments?

A skinny blonde in a bikini top who is a regular spinner is always bopping in and out of class, taking calls. If she is so important, why the hell is she in spin every morning? Last week, an instructor called out an unfit, nearsighted fellow who was spinning dead center in class and had his cell raised in his hand, texting. Are the cell obsessed all surgeons on trauma call…are we all that indispensable.

Still homeward bound, 2 teenagers were standing in the street, texting. A city bus came barreling by, vociferously honking its’ horn and neither girl reacted. The bus almost hit them and in that instant, the 2 preoccupied obsessives realized that they were almost road kill.

The final journey home reaped this amazing final scenario. A man with a baby in a carrier in one hand and talking on the cell in another, darted across a busy intersection against the light…fender bender. He kept walking, oblivious to the crunching of metal.

Dining out…you would think people would have enough to handle with silverware, but in recent memory I don’t remember seeing a youngish couples converse. They are busy texting or playing Candy Crush. Why date if you have nothing to say? Stay in the bedroom, go to a movie or order takeout.

Cell phone has become the remote control for our lives. The AT&T Digital Life commercial demonstrates that you can turn off everything in your house right from your phone.

Cells incite violent reactions. To date, texting and talking on cells, especially in movie theaters, have led to dire consequences. People, get the message.


Distracted pedestrians are dangerous. Lawmakers in at least two states are looking to pull the plug on texting pedestrians and iPod-obsessed runners, claiming their diverted attention borders on disaster.

Cell phones are a significant part of our lives, but with all potentially addictive things, please use in moderation when in public, lower your voice, turn off your phone in restaurants, theaters, gym classes, have a conversation at mealtime and damn it, watch where you are walking.


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