Casing The Joint…

Am I an anomaly?

Allow me to digress.

MSNBC is my crack.

The TV is on all day.

I feed my mind and rage with a steady diet of Morning Joe, Katy Tur, Ari Melber, Nicolle Wallace, Ali Velshi, Chris Hayes, Stephanie Ruhle, Andrea Mitchell, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Brian Williams…even Steve Kornacki has grown on me.

Now that we are invited into correspondents, strategists, educators, lawyers, activists, journalists home I am gobsmacked by something I see constantly.

Am I the only person in America without bookshelves?

I do have some lovely large cocktail table books and a stack of current reads, but I do not save my paperbacks or every book I have ever read.

I also have a Nook which needs no elaborate resting place.

Are the array of books meant to impress and what is with the books arranged by color?

Is the extensive display of books a badge of honor like trophies from past sports accomplishments even if you were rewarded solely for good teamwork  or perfect attendance?

To be completely honest, I am not a fan of built in or free standing bookshelves. I find them aesthetically unpleasing and then there are the requisite dust collecting tchotchkes.

No guilt or peer pressure…I can happily live in a bookshelfless world.

If I have do become a MSNBC contributor I can have my talented artist friend, Lisa, paint me a bibliotheca  backdrop.


  1. This is where we digress. I want a home that
    feels like a library. It is where I am most ‘at home’.
    Yes there are probably more of us. It is a place that one can also revisit if the need arises.

  2. Dossie Fine says:

    I am with you. This is one low tech lady who only reads online. Interestingly, my 23yo daughter only reads actual books. Each to their own.

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