Carne Asada Bowl…

I have been preparing three meals a day for almost one year with rare breaks for takeout.

Other than sushi our takeout choices are very basic since fancier selections do not travel well.

Our hometown culinary offerings are not very enticing with Italian bottled salad dressing a major seasoning ingredient…finding an unencumbered piece of chicken, meat or fish is challenging. I often rinse off the protein and recook.

The American interpretation of Mexican food among  our mayo influenced restaurant selections features a tasty Carne Asada bowl.

I recreated it at home.

All you need is grilled chicken or steak.

Chopped romaine or Arugula lettuce.

A mixture of Mexican cheeses which you can buy shredded and mixed, available at any grocery store.

I cook up some instant white or brown rice.

Black beans from a can.

Guacamole is optional. I make my own mashing up an avocado adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and a sprinkle of red chili flakes.

Layer items starting with beans, then rice, lettuce, protein and a nice sprinkling of cheese.

I add a dollop of sour cream and a side of chopped tomatoes or pico de gallo.

Enjoy another easy, quick, inexpensive and of course, delicious dish.

No utensils needed…utilize tortilla chips!

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  1. yum……as usual

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