Can’t Whitewash Yesterday…

What a day.

In a claustrophobic, narrow hallway outside a shabby Social Security office I was subjected to the most racist, obscenity-laden, hate-filled harangue.

In a single breath I was called a white insert the N word, a C You Next Tuesday and a Bitch at rock concert level decibels.

And I never opened my mouth.

Boring details…both my husband and I needed a Social Security card replacement…much better than hip or knee although the process is almost as painful.

So we summoned a Lyft and who arrived…Putin’s surly comrade.

8am and the day was already challenging.

We waited in line outside the East 102nd Street building, languishing in a threatening downpour, enveloped in 100% humidity.

At  8:45am we were ushered inside into the elevator to the 4th floor.

I was asked not to get into the elevator because “it was too crowded for a white bitch.”

And the harassment begins.

We formed a line in the small hallway awaiting the doors to the Social Security office to be thrown open, welcoming us in…she wrote sarcastically.

A woman in the waiting crowd had been ranting on speakerphone for a minimum of 30 minutes.

David approached her in line and asked if she could possibly take the call off speaker.

He was very polite and after a lengthy tirade of her inconsequential, obscenity-laden conversation most people were done.

Well, she exploded.

Literally foaming at the mouth, her first call to action was pulling the race card.

10 minutes later, the happy couple were labeled white n……s, bitches, c..ts and apparently only “white people harass women of color’…who knew.

And, finally, I could kiss her black ass which I declined.

I cannot convey how troubling this episode was.

The doors opened and she finally shut her rancid pie hole.

We then found out that the online info was incorrect and this particular office on the way, way upper east side does not handle replacement cards.

We needed to be at the only office which issued replacement cards which was as far from our present location as is physically possible.

We walked further uptown and jumped the 6 train to 86th Street and transferred to the 5 to Fulton Street.

We then trudged another 1/2 mile to the Social Security office on Williams Street.

Applications needed to be filled out and then we were allowed to electronically check in and received a number.

During the first half hour the numbers progressed and then 45 minutes of dead silence as every staff member exited their office for a meeting…can’t have the meeting before 7am or after work when several hundred people were not patiently waiting to be seen.

Finally, 120 minutes into the somewhat futile exercise, B739 was called.

The actual face to face transaction took less than 5 minutes.

The duplicate card would take 2 weeks to reach us.

It was only noon and it was already a day not to be remembered.

Coincidentally, we were again waiting in line for a bit of sustenance as we had not yet eaten and one of NYC’s finest was ahead of us.

We shared our morning with him and he said he had a 911 call yesterday and a woman when off on him for one hour, screaming obscenities, spraying four letter words in his face.

He said the police have never seen so many angry, vicious individuals who collectively are never, ever wrong.

This country is suffering from Orange Fever.

At this point, what can I say, except have a great weekend and remember to be kind to one another.


  1. What can one say—at this point in time silence is indeed golden.

  2. So sorry and angry that this happened to you both. This country…this world ….has turned a terrible corner. My hope is that it can change back to one where respecrT , understanding and love returns. People…….VOTE,

  3. Oh boy. That sounds awful. The level of rage is crazy out there.

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