Can You Hear Me Now…

What’s bugging me right now?!

Since you asked, I will tell you.

People having cell phone conversations with the speakerphone on in restaurants, subways, walking on crowded sidewalks, gyms, shops and just about any confined space.

Yesterday, a nanny plops done at a patio restaurant dining table with a screaming toddler.

I am sitting there having lunch with a friend.

The nanny and I use the word loosely since she paid absolutely no attention to the unhappy child, was speaking very loudly into the phone and the recipient was screaming back through the speakerphone.

Finally, after 10 minutes, I politely asked her if she could take the call off speaker.

”Why, bitch?!” was her lovely response.

”Because you are so loud and we are trying to enjoy our meal!”

And the nasty loud mouth wasn’t even eating at the restaurant.

This was the third time in so many days I have been exposed to unapologetic, entitled speakerphone assassins.

People, stop broadcasting your inane and often loathsome conversations to the public…“all I’m asking  is for a little respect!”

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  1. AMEN
    It’s happening everywhere….
    I’ve had the same response once or twice down here

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