California Dreamin’…

Greetings from the west coast.

Opportunity knocks and we respond.

Literally threw things in a carry on and made a dash for JFK.

Easy flight on a 1/2 filled plane.

Saw way too many travelers in surgical face masks.

I never washed my hands so much and constantly used my elbows to open and close doors…perhaps I should suggest an elbow weight training course at Equinox…a holistic approach to Coronavirus avoidance.

BTW, regular surgical face masks will not protect you against being infected according to infectious-disease specialists.

Sunshine and 60 degree weather is a perfect fit although southern Californians are decked out in down…overreaction, anyone?!

Need to adjust to no doggies, no daughter, but tons of space and the ability to drive to Trader Joe’s and fill multiple recyclable bags with healthy goodies and TJ original creations.

I’m incredibly jet lagged and knee deep in black ash, the residual from the fires that came within a few miles of our home.

Blue skies as exposed to dampness and a heavy, grey sky…that’s real California dreamin’…


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  1. Beth Martin says:

    Lucky you. I miss seeing you’re light on!!! Enjoy being at the soothing beach.

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