Feeling tired, aged?

Come knock on my door and I’ll lend you my classic bright yellow VW convertible.

Yesterday, exhausted from not sleeping for days and foolishly substituting exercise for lack of sleep I decided I needed to nap or get high.

I have literally never taken a nap in the last 50 years assuming I did as an infant so, instead, I got high.

I grabbed my baseball cap, a pair of shades and jumped into my happy car which has always given me a natural high.

I headed for the Pacific Coast Highway and drove that baby hard past Malibu almost to Santa Barbara with the summer wind blowing in my face and the radio blasting 80s hits.

Two hours later I felt decades younger and refreshed.

The best things in life are free…discounting California gas prices.

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  1. cannot think of what it cost in the tank….be happy it is a VW you were driving…good mileage.
    had two “bugs”….loved them

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