Bronx Bombers Bomb…

down and dirty yankees

The Yankees are just like life.

Some days are good and some suck.

Yankees, it is time to get down and dirty.

Time is running out to make the post season. Let’s get this party started. As Vince Lombardi said and I had the great fortune to edit the Jerry Kramer and Dick Schaap book, Instant Replay, “Winning Isn’t Everything; It’s The Only Thing.”

We (always joined at the hip with MY sports teams) were riding a hot streak…5 wins in a row and the bats were starting to heat up. Some games we were winning by more than one run which is extremely rare this season…oh no, say it ain’t so, Cano.

NY Yankee Brett Gardner
NY Yankee Brett Gardner

The line up was gelling even with Brett Gardner, the hottest Yankee this season and the injury prone outstanding 1st baseman, Mark Teixiera, out of the line up.

Then the Yankees landed in economically challenged Detroit and the hitting went banckrupt…I guess where you are can really affect you.

The chances of The Captain, Derek Jeter, making the post season in his final bow, are looking grim.

Carlos Beltran
Carlos Beltran

After spending all that money on Brian McCann (5 years $85 million) and Carlos Betran (3 years $45 million) they should have kept Robinson Cano and paid him the money. He is hitting 326 and 12 home runs with the Seattle Mariners. McCann has 15 home runs, but is only batting .236…not good.

The only strikeout for Cano this season is the facial hair…I would say he is batting zero with that look. It is amusing to see grown men who are earning millions still rebel when they leave the Yankees. They all grow beards, moustaches because all NY Yankees have to be clean shaven.

I’m siding with the Yankee owners. I like my men manicured.

who Is This Bearded Ball Player? Say it ain't so Cano.
who Is This Bearded Ball Player? Say it ain’t so Cano.

Many of the off season signings bombed and every starting pitcher with the exception of Hiroki Koroda went on IR. Even our Ace and Savior, Masahiro Tanaka, has been nursing an elbow injury for almost 2 months.

I am streaky in life, hitting slumps and then getting hot once in a while (everyday with menopause), savoring the wins and increasing my lifetime batting average.

Right now, the NY Yankees are in ankle high dodo. There is still a chance at a playoff spot. After last night’s big win, scoring 8 runs in the 3rd inning against ace David Price, the Detroit Tigers are 21/2 games ahead of New York (69-62) for the second wild-card spot in a race that also includes Seattle. 

The Captain, Derek Jeter
The Captain, Derek Jeter

Everyone wants Derek Jeter to fade into the sunset content and satisfied with a career well done, carrying off the personalized, expensive parting gifts from every MLB franchise, radiant, young model girlfriend and millions and millions of dollars.

St. Jetersburg
St. Jetersburg

His retirement home is a monstrous 30,875 foot home in Tampa, Florida, featuring 7 bedrooms (maybe A-Rod will rent a room), 9 bathrooms and is roughly the size of a Best Buy electronics store.

If you want the Devil to remain hopeful yet sardonic, secretly pull for the Yankees.

It would make me extremely happy because the NY Giants look like they are going to provide a very long, arduous football season with their non-existent remodeled west coast offense.

Another day of questioning why I am such a huge sports fan. Forget about it, I am an addict and there is no rehab program for me…I am too far gone.





  1. This is GREAT writing! Funny, informative. Broughtt a smile to my face!

  2. This is GREAT writing! Funny, informative. Brought a smile to my face!

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