Bring On The Candy…

Happy Halloween.

I loved Halloween growing up. but not as much as when I had a child of my own.

Courtny’s costumes became a major family event. Courtny and David spent weeks creating. Her costumes were amazing…winning was a given (spoken just like a Type A parent!)

Our San Francisco home was decked out, the answering machine usually played the Monster Mash and Courtny’s parental units dressed in collaboration with her annual motif.

Going door to door with the munchkin brought tears to my eyes every Halloween. It was embarassing when I tagged along, being all emotional, when she was 18…kidding.

After our littlest angel had fallen asleep, I would re-enact the Marine corp crawl and sneak into her bedroom when the Sugar Fairy grabbed a hold of me and I was jonesing for the junk.

halloween 2014

We never had trick or treat handout leftovers because we were a full size candy bar house…no stinkin’ mini bars.

One of my favorite memories was showing up at our daughter’s predominantly WASPY and republican elementary school as the Clinton’s.

I was Chelsea in a romper, Mary Jane’s, black tights, a long blonde curly wig with the Clinton White House cat, Socks, cradled in my arms. David wore a fabulous full on Bill Clinton rubberized mask, a dapper navy suit with red and blue repp tie and an American flag pin in his label.


Courtny was Hillary Clinton, decked out in a vintage size 0 Chanel suit gobbled up at an unassuming Haight Asbury thrift store. She donned a blonde wig styled in a flip and wore black kitten heels with gold buckles. Her suit was adorned with a pin that said, “Stand by your man.”

We received no votes of confidence that day from the white bread and mayonnaise munching Stanford grads.

What always struck me as funny was the kindergarten Halloween parade when Courtny was 5. I went as Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss (shake em up) decked out in black leather with my little black book.

Fathers were lining up to be transcribed in my good book…they couldn’t tolerate a democrat, but they were hot and heavy for a Madam…ah, the hypocrisy of bullshit laden Marin.

Happy Halloween. Hope you all overdose on candy and have a plethora of tricks and treats. My daughter has graduated to dressing as an icloud (ah, these tech savvy Gen Xers).


David and I, in honor of our ungodly renovations, are teaming up as Kansas’ huge hit, Dust in the Wind.

Get in the Halloween spirit and groove to the Monster Mash. You dance way better if you are pumped up on massive amounts of sugar…

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  1. Terrific. And—–are you getting grief from republicans?

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