Breaking News and Ankles..


My mother just trumped Trump in the breaking news department.

Queen E. fractured her ankle in three places, dancing her way out of a wheelchair which she will now be confined to for 6-8 weeks.

She is beyond pissed.

The pain meds are good, but she spent 7 hours in the Emergency Room awaiting her lower extremities to be set.

Yesterday was Thursday and that is the day she has her hair set, not body parts.

She was hosting a luncheon for her treasured Cousin’s Club when there was a break in the action.

She upheld her hosting duties because there is nothing my mom likes more than hosting luncheons, dinners and her all time favorite, the cocktail party.

Avoiding me because I would take appropriate action, she did not call with all the event details so at 3am Pacific Time I woke with a start, sensing doom and called her in Florida.

She weathered the night in pain, refusing medical attention.

The morning dawned painfully and off she went on her doctoral.

Gift wrapped in plastic, last night she regrouped and settled down to a bowl of healing chicken soup, set her hair because it is always better to look good than feel good and called it a day.

The Queen Mum has an unbreakable spirit.

Heal quickly, Queen E.



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