Bored in NYC…


Mopish in Manhattan?

That’s impossible.

Seriously…about as probable as Donald Trump doing a Pantene commercial for beautiful hair.

Saturday dawned free and frivolous.

What to do, what to do, what to do?

We were exhausted so we cleaned the house and decided to walk the dogs the 6 miles to SoHo.

Makes perfect sense.

We journeyed through Central Park.

The Park was overrun with tourists and runners preparing for next Sunday’s NYC Marathon.

It started as a Central Park race with 55 finishers and is now the world’s biggest and most popular marathon, with nearly 50,000 finishers in 2015.

We zigzagged our way through the runners and arrived at 5th Avenue unscathed.

We decided to take Madison Avenue downtown because it is not congested on the weekends…all the richie riches are away in the Hamptons, Paris or exotic locales.

Bryant Park
Bryant Park

We stopped in Bryant Park for a coffee and to rest paws and tootsies.

We met up with Courtny and headed to Num Pang for their delish Cambodian bahn mi.

Madison Square Park
Madison Square Park

The journey continued down Madison Avenue to Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park and into SoHo.

Taking in all the sights and sounds of each individual neighborhood is stimulating.

Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park

We did a bit of Christmas shopping and by then it was 5pm.

We hopped the 2 train uptown which was filled to the brim because the #1 train was out of commission…not unusual on the weekend.

There was still a museum exhibit to explore with free entry.

It was a full day so we took the easy way out and called Chirping Chicken for home delivery.

And, this day, minus some inexpensive nourishment, cost next to nothing for an entertaining, rewarding, exercise motivated, sunshiny day.


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