Bogeying Life…

I’m back.

Reentry has been rough.

I was exposed to a heavy dose of reality as soon as I hit the airport.

I guess there is a statute of limitations on how long you can be happy and carefree.

There is so much you have to present at the airport when flying internationally…passport, health report, negative Covid test, exit form which you receive upon arrival and no TSA.

Jetblue was really lax on mask protocol as most people wore them under their chin and everyone in our row was unvaccinated.

Then we were held on the plane for 30 minutes because Customs was backed up.

Thankfully, we have Global Entry because there were at least 1000 passengers in the Customs line.

After that we had to pick up the rental car and no one was there for the Preferred Avis customers.

We waited 45 minutes until a representative arrived and the entire time a German pilot bitched at us about masks, immigrants, Biden and the fact that unemployed Americans were receiving checks and that’s why they are not working and why he did not receive quick service at McDonald’s.

He was a racist, bigoted, moronic, irrational Trump supporter.

At this point it is 11pm and we walk into our home in Florida which I had rented for 3 months in 2020 to find it destroyed by the tenants, furniture rearranged and missing, peanut butter smeared on much of the silverware in the drawer, lipstick and coffee stains imbedded on every cup, dents in the walls and most egregious…my mother’s prized award winning papier mache sculpture decimated.

The sculpted golfer was hanging his head with shame due to very bad people breaking his neck and arm.

I broke down and then regrouped and started cleaning.

The night was long and frustrating.

Tomorrow I shall suit up to do more battle as remodeling is a clear and present task so I have my work cut out for me.

I commit to tomorrow’s blog being more upbeat.

But seriously, screw all selfish, lying (unvaccinated) cretins.


  1. Toby, how awful. I hope you have some recourse with the former tenants. So awful.

    • Thanks😢 So depressing amd I feel as if I let my mom down. The artwork kills me. That piece won 1st place in an art show.
      Hoping all is well with you.

  2. Ellie lupo says:

    So sorry all you had to gthroigh…..the worst what happened to the apartment. People can be so very awful..uncaring..rude and plain obnoxious!!
    Charlie rented out his condo once and swore never again.
    Rebecca took Alaska Airlines when she last visited and said they were very very careful. Before “masks off”.to me it does not mean all the time off and forget everything else. Take care and give yourself time to rest and relax not cleaning all the day..💜

    • Thanks, Ellie. You get it. It has been a trying 2 days. It is so difficult to find a contractor. I have talked to 9 and they are either too busy or too expensive.
      I have just about corrected everything that can be fixed. Thankfully, David is very handy. Today I found all my good knives in the bottom drawer caked with food! And my mom’s beautiful Vilroy and Bosch purple dishes are broken!
      Hope you are doing well and thanks for caring💜

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