Blindsided At Trader Joe’s…

It appears that I received more then I bargained for at Trader Joe’s yesterday.

In keeping with the Covid state of mind I was called a racist c..t.

Such a lovely compliment…I’m blushing.

Allow me to set the stage.

We were heading to our car with 12 bags of groceries.

I noticed a man appearing to bang his shopping cart into our car.

There were maybe a total of 10 automobiles in the entire lot late on a Sunday afternoon.

We were parked in a spot that had 11 empty spaces surrounding it except for the man parked next to our car where he wedged his minivan into a compact spot.

The lot was practically empty when we arrived so there were many parking options. We literally drove straight ahead into the spot.

As we exited Trader Joe’s our car was visible and I turned to my husband and said, “Why would someone park on top of our car in a compact spot with a large car with a huge amount of empty spots?!”

We did not say one word to the guy and never made eye contact.

He finishes loading vodka and four 6-packs of beer, climbs into his dented minivan, rolls down the window as we are approaching the car and screams those 2 magic words as he peeled off!


Nobody puts Baby in a corner so I took chase with a bunch of gladiolus crushed to my chested.

I made myself heard.

Interesting…in a lineup I could not tell you what race this asshole was as he was sporting a mask and  baseball cap.

Those 2 words seem to be fashionable additions to the Coronaville lexicon.

Why would anyone call me a RC if there was no verbal interaction?

Technically, we could have gone off on him, but we chose the Michelle Obama life philosophy.

We went high because he seemed low as in inebriated, unstable or both.

Everyone is so damn angry.

Literally, It takes nothing to set people off these days.

Oh, I forgot to mention the nice scratch he put on the door.

Can we all agree that the human race is just so precious in 2020.

The good news is that the rabid, inappropriately accusatory,  potty mouth pig was wearing a mask.

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  1. unreal…does not make any sense as to why he parked next to you in the first place. guess he was looking for a fight. could not have one if no car next to him..RUDE…everyone is uptight that is true,but whoa…too much. glad for the mask yes….hope the gladiolus made it ok.

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