Blinded By The Light…

The power of music.

I was yet again overwhelmed by how much Bruce Springsteen affects me.

And those guns…the kind you don’t need to legislate against.

Witnessing Bruce in person, the first of my 33 times,  I wanted him to wrap those arms around me and tell me, Baby, We Were Born To Run.

Often music evokes memories…the first song you bear hugged to, first kiss, your wedding song, but Springsteen’s music offers more, inciting deep, emotional stirrings that summon your innermost feelings.

Over the weekend I saw the charming and heartfelt film, Blinded by the Light, based on a memoir written by director Gurinder Chadha’s friend, English journalist Sarfraz Manzoor.

Manzoor was raised by Pakistani immigrants in Luton, a gritty, working-class town north of London.

Springsteen changed his life.

My Springsteen concert total pales in comparison  to Manzoor’s tally of 150.

The film’s director, Gurinder Chadha, who previously wrote and directed, Bend It Like Beckham, co-wrote the script and brings her sense of self, genuine personal pain and tolerance to this low-budget, independent British film.

The movie takes place in the 80’s during a time of heightened tension against England’s Pakistani immigrants brought upon by the recession and British white working class resentment.

Springsteen’s music resonates throughout the film, evoking in words what your head and heart are feeling.

His lyrics cut deep.

Not only was I Dancing In The Dark and pumping my fist for two stirring musical hours, but I shed a few tears.

Blinded By The Light could well be the feel-good movie of the summer, offering joy and hope during these dark times…come on, you know we have all been Waitin’ On A Sunny Day.

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