Bitter Pill…

I have become addicted to MSNBC.

I am well informed yet frustrated.

Last week the new and unimproved Republican healthcare bill (Obama Light) dominated the conversation.

I am surprised the Republicans haven’t asked the Brigham Young cheerleaders to tour America whipping the constituents into a frenzy to defeat Obamacare…

Hey, Hey Want Do You Say?…Trumpcare Is A-OK!!

Look, we all know that the new healthcare plan screws the poor, elderly and women and is merely a weak interpretation of Obamacare.

I am so darn sick and tired of red tie, blue blazer, flag wearing blowhards saying this is all about what is best for Americans.

Congress, stop the madness and get together…this is a bipartisan issue.

I am not saying the Affordable Care Act is perfect (for the uninformed, this is the same as Obamacare).

The big issues appear to be the deductibles, the cost of prescription drugs and lack of health insurance companies continued participation.

Agent Orange is always blowing about all the corporate CEO’s he draws to the White House.

I have never read or heard that United HealthOne, Cigna, Humana, Aetna, Assurant Health, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross, Blue Shield have been at these gatherings.

If the President and the Republicans really wanted to fix Obamacare and give the deserving citizens of this great country proper, affordable healthcare, they should bring the health insurance power brokers together to universally lower premiums, co-pays and deductibles.

My husband works for Microsoft and we have excellent health insurance, but over the past three years our deductible has tripled and coverage is not as all encompassing.

I suffer from migraines.

Express Scripps has made my migraine crack, Zomig, unaffordable.

In 2017 the generic Zomig has increased $6.oo for EACH pill.

Last month I had 25 migraines.

The pain and the cost are debilitating.

Healthcare CEO’s and pharmaceutical company executives earn a fortune.

Agent Orange should use his early morning rants for good and tweet out about how much money healthcare and pharmaceutical fat cats make instead of spewing venom and lies about Obama wiretaps.

Another point is that patient billing is determined by how much can be extracted from each patient on a case by case basis.

It is a predatory system that is built on the destruction of free market economics through political influence.

Without price competition, there is little resistance to charges that continually skyrocket far in excess of the inflation rate.

30 years ago when my daughter Courtny was born, the hospital bill was huge, but the line item I will never forget is the $5 charge for each sanitary pad and $7.50 for a single Tylenol.

Come on, Dumpster, get the gaggle of healthcare peeps together and level the playing field.

Here’s a novel concept…if the politicians really care about Americans as much as they spout on TV then they should provide the same healthcare coverage that everyone in Congress has and put an end to skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Make America Healthy Again.


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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    Wonderfully written.

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