Bird Is The Word…

NY Yankee, Greg Bird
NY Yankee, Greg Bird

My heart just took flight.

My husband is out of town and I am flapping my lips about my latest sports crush.

His name is Greg Bird and I am flying high over the newest Yankee to hit the majors.

An understated man, he looks fluid and comfortable at the plate and is poised, disciplined and self-assured handling first base duties, taking over for an injured Mark Teixiera…a real man.

Unlike the rockers who I represented and would have to pick up to kiss goodnight (not that I ever would consider mixing business with pleasure), the 22 year-old Bird is definitely my type weighing in at 215 lbs. and topping 6’3″.

He is also a southpaw and we left-handed sluggers have to stick together.

Greg Bird After His 1st HR photo:getty images
Greg Bird after his 1st HR
photo:getty images

Wednesday, I was watching the Yankee game and Bird blasted his first major league home run. Bye Bye Birdie…a 2 run smash into the second deck at Yankee Stadium.

Two innings later, Bird hit his second HR and the Yankees took the lead back. Yankee fans went wild and he took his first curtain at Yankee Stadium.

Bird made his first appearance in pinstripes at Yankee Stadium on Monday. He entered the game and helped to secure the win against the Minnesota Twins in the bottom of the 10th inning, hitting a lead off double.

Before Monday, Bird had only been in Yankee Stadium once, taking a tour in May. A top prospect, he is expected to one day succeed Mark Teixeira at first base.

The Yankees had many offers for Bird before the trading deadline, but GM Brian Cashman wisely held on.

Carlos Beltran High 5's Greg Bird After He Hit His 1st Major League HR  photo:paul j. bereswill
Carlos Beltran High 5’s Greg Bird after his 1st Major League HR photo:paul j. bereswill

Manager Joe Girardi says Bird has a “slow clock”…he has the ability to slow the game down and be patient.

Considering my lack of patience, he would be a good ying to my impatient yang.

His mom and dad dropped him off at the game and then were going to take him out to dinner Wednesday night…love a kid brought up well and respectful of his parents.

A Bird in the hand. You are never too old to be crushin’ and I always look good in pinstripes.


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