Biker Boy’s Birthday…

Today is my husband’s birthday.

I want the day to be perfect so I have planned a plethora of it’s “All About Him” activities.

He deserves to be pampered.

It was been quite a year…tons of angst and insanity, but David weathered every storm with panache, class and positivity.

He was my hero and support system when Queen E. suddenly died…let us not forget my daughter who was also an unbelievable pillar of strength for me.

David is giving, supportive, a great friend, a skilled fix it guy, car expert, errand runner, problem solver, peacemaker, extraordinary gift giver, dog walker, father, exuberant fan of my culinary creations and a handsome, kind, selfless person.

He doesn’t know dick about sports, but you can’t have everything.

So here is wishing my best friend and faithful, devoted husband the most INCREDIBLE birthday and year.

I love you more than tongue can tell…now and forever.




  1. Happy Healthy Birthday Wishes David!

  2. Beth Martin says:

    What a beautiful tribute. Happy birthday David. I’m glad you’re being celebrate in sunny LA

  3. Cathy Newman says:

    Cheers to the Birthday Boy!!!! Hope you both enjoy the “Birthday Month”! 🎉🎂🍾🥂🎈

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