Big Doin’s At Majordomo…


A major pain in the ass to get a reservation, but where there is a will there is a way.

Saturday after seeing, AIn’t Too Proud  at the Music Center, we hightailed it over to Chinatown, a section of Los Angeles that I have never explored.

It was only 2 miles away and yet it seemed like an alternate universe.

The area is a flat stretch of wide boulevards with commercial buildings displaying extensive street art.

We pulled up to the gate at David Chang of Momofuku fame first Los Angeles endeavor.

The property is expansive with more colorful murals and a large patio attached to a very cool looking industrial fashioned establishment.

There was already a line as Majordomo does save space for those poor souls who are unable to snag a coveted reservation.

By 5:30 when the door swung open, there were proximately 40 people salivating in line.

Majordomo Patio

The host was very calm and gracious and we were able to pick our poison…bar, indoor table, or al fresco dining.

Majordomo Bar

We selected the bar as we usually enjoy the activity and patter with the bartender.

The head bartender was very hospitable, but too busy shaking and stirring to chat.

Our server was lovely, but overwhelmed.

Pop Star

We started out with drinks and David went big, ordering Pop Star consisting of soju, yakult, makgeolli and lemon-lime. It was fantastic in appearance and taste ($16).

Orange Wine

I opted for the delightful orange wine, Tocai Friulano Broc Cellars Amore Mendocino CA ‘17 ($16). Surprisingly, I prefer it to rose.

The menu is creatively eclectic as well as challenging for a non-meat or poultry consumer.

The Bing bread, similar to a naan flatbread, is delicious and the accompaniments are varied.

Seaweed Butter & White Sturgeon Caviar

We chose the Seaweed Butter and White Surgeon Caviar dish which was scrumptious. The warm bread and the spread melded together perfectly ($32).

The Foie Gras, Ricotta and Jam spread was purportedly amazing…sorry I missed that one ($22).

We also selected the Chickpea Hozon spread ($8) which was mediocre at best…again the Bing bread was superb.


The Oysters from the Raw & Appetizer category were average and the eye drop bottle of Kimchi which was meant to accent the oysters was not for me ($18).


From the Market grouping we chose the Heirloom Tomatoes with Stone Fruit, Sesame and Basil. The tomatoes were absolutely delicious and the peaches sweet and firm ($16).

Tapioca Lo Mein

Under Noodles & Rice we were limited and the Tapioca Lo Mein with garlic and krill were uninspired and very spicy ($15).

The Macaroni & Chickpea with black truffle was appealing, but for $49 you can keep it.


That was one of the issues with Majordomo.

Some of the selections are so pricey such as the macaroni, the wild salmon priced at $125, wooden uni box containing only a few pieces for $40, a whole boiled chicken for $68 and a 45 day dry-aged ribeye for $120…come on.

I thought the interior was fabulous, but I was disappointed with the service, some of the whimsical offerings and the prices.

The vast open kitchen affords Majordomo ample space to show off.

The staff members relay messages to one another via a gooseneck microphone behind the bar.

At first, I thought there was a DJ and then I realized not that many tunes contain food lyrics.

It is best to go with a carnivore.

Stop by for Bing and cocktails.


It’s big, loud and a cool vibe permeates the space.

You will be ordering dishes you probably never thought of eating.

Go once, especially if you are on an expense account.

For the price of some of the items I would rather purchase a pair of Manolo’s then ingest the expenditure, but Majordomo is a unique experience.

Majordomo 1725 Naud Street Los Angeles, California. Open Monday-Thursday 5:30-10pm, Friday and Saturday 5:30-11pm. Valet parking ($8) and street parking. Reservations accepted 30 days in advance starting at 10am.

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