I am bipartisan and I can’t get up.

Give that politician a hand.

GOP you may hate me but it ain’t no lie
Baby BI BI BI.

Put that song in heavy rotation on Radio Washington.

Music to my ears.

Am I ignorant, naive, foolish to think that a political representative who is NYSYNC with the United States of America might consider doing what’s best for the country instead of playing strictly by Grand Old Party lines?

Would any legislator be mature enough to grow a pair and independently support what is in the best interest of America?

I am channeling instant hero status, a shining example of what America is all about instead of drowning in the crowded swamp, overflowing with partisan hypocrisy.

This selfless act would insure re-election.

Isn’t that what ever politician strives for?

After all, it’s good pay, great health insurance, celebrity status, an endless supply of flag pins and many undisclosed perks.

I am not foolish enough to suggest that a politician from a deeply red state would ever be brave enough to step forward, but what would a moderate Republican have to lose?!

I want to know if the Trump administration is in bed with Putin (gag reflex) and how this benefits Trump’s international business dealings.

I would imagine that any intelligent, sane, caring, tax paying, full fledged American would want to know the truth.

Calling any and all public servants…pick yourself up off the floor, wave the flag, make a name for yourself.

Any takers?

Don’t be a puppet of the Trump dictatorship.

Here’s an opportunity to be BI BI BI in Washington and not be ostracized, judged or outlawed.


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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    Terrific! Let’s hope it reverberates in Washington!!!!

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