Beverly Hills Babes….


Women are devoted to their feet and shoes. Believe me, I would like to walk a mile in some of those designer shoes.

Saturday, Courtny and I did the Bev Hills thing. We got gussied up in casual chic and headed to 90210.

The streets were busy, but nothing compared to the buzz in the shoe departments at Saks, Barneys and Neiman Marcus.

Women were buying up the latest models from Louboutin, Chanel, Manolo Blahnik as if the brands were being discontinued and this was the very last opportunity to Go Red or be a Sarah Jessica Parker clone.

I had to go to the backroom area at Saks and I swear there were 50 shoe purchases lined up on shelves with the receipts attached. I had a long wait and happened to glance at the bottom line. $360 was a meager purchase…most were $1000 and upwards.

The woman sitting next to me on the Trying On couch at Saks approached me with the, “Do I know you…you look so familiar” line. This often perturbs me…is my face that common, are there that many in the universe who look like me?!

Anyway, she was nonchalantly purchasing the ugliest beige Corinthian leather Chanel boots (Ricardo Montalban’s voice kept echoing in my head). She also purchased the same color Manolo Blahnik flats.


She commented to the sales associate, Christopher, who, in my humble opinion, is the nicest shoes salesperson at Saks, she prefers shoes without initials on them. My daughter turned to me and whispered, “Then why isn’t she buying Uggs instead of Chanel…no initials and she would save $1500?!”

Personally, I feel the same way about nude shoes as I feel about white wine drinkers…they are usually Republicans and I just don’t trust people who wear nude shoes…we all have our prejudices.

I do not buy into the crap about nude stilettos making your legs look longer. The illusion of a longer leg because the color is the same as your skin tone is a ridiculous fact that stylists feed us…the heels add the inches. They just look unoriginal, as if you do not have the taste or edge to wear a fabulous colored shoe with a dress.

Your legs are your legs. Nude heels are not going to add inches…live with the reality of short legs. Date short men and your legs will look appropriate or buy a stretching rack and hang upside down and see if that adds height.

I need to reconsider my career choice and either open a shoe store or a pedicure business. Its too late to go back to med school and become a podiatrist.

Rodeo Drive is an enigma. The air is purer, the streets and sidewalks are impeccable and the store front windows are immaculate and too darn reflective…I don’t particularly want to see myself coming and going.

The crossing grid is even different (diagonal) than anywhere else and the palm trees are plentiful. It is one street where you can find shade as well as shady characters.

You can always identify the car du jour while walking around Beverly Hills. I would say the Tesla and the Bentley convertible are what it is presently all about. Mercedes, Range Rovers and Beemers now take a back seat to these models. We did spot the new Jag convertible…I would definitely do a Jag convertible.

Not too many celebrity sightings as they were all wrapped in cellophane and doing urban renewal for Sunday’s Golden Globes. Gotta make your Globes all shiny and pert.

Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive

We ended the road trip with a amazing cup of Blue Bottle coffee at Vosges on Beverly Drive. That is kickass coffee.

If you are in need of re-fueling, get pumped up with great caffeine at Vosges. It is a charming interior…a bit of Moroccan atmosphere.The cookie was amazing as well, oozing with dark chocolate.

Vosges Chocolate Chip Cookies
Vosges Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our communal tablemates shared a blueberry and white chocolate cookie…sounded too healthy with the antioxidant blueberries.

We chatted with the 2 lovely ladies who work in the cosmetic department at Saks. We heard the real scoop  about the richie riches who shop in Saks…not a pretty story. By the way, eastern European women have amazing skin.

Why did I only inherit the big bones…I want the cheekbones.

We retreated form 90210 and headed to 90401, not as sexy an address, but we have the beach instead of the bitches.


 Vosges Haut-Chocolat 311 North Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, California.


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