Bed Bath and Beyond Expectations…

Bed Bath and Beyond a Cult
Bed Bath and Beyond a Cult

Is Bed Bath & Beyond a cult? Seriously, it draws you in and keeps you coming back with the allure of those tempting, jumbo size coupons…who doesn’t like 20% off and once in a while they entice you with 20% off your entire order…the ultimate seduction!

In NY, a gregarious doorman greets you at the entrance and holds the door while you enter an air conditioned upstairs lobby. You step onto the escalator and descend into a big box store filled with every conceivable item you could want for your home, outdoor life and they even stock Swedish Fish.

Yesterday, we had a specific purpose…replace all the bedding that was destroyed during last week’s debacle. Coupons in hand, we eagerly grabbed a shopping cart and took off. We needed 4 new pillows. Who knew that bed pillows now cost $60 per pillow? I did buy an Isotronic pillow after the last bedroom avalanche because my headaches were a daily occurrence and my doctor recommended a more effective head holder.

Due to back to college shopping, Laura Ashley had left the building and there wasn’t a single pillow under $60. So now we are in at approximately $250.00 without investing any time or satisfying any instant gratification needs.

Oops, I forgot to replenish my multitude of vitamins as I brought a limited quantity from L.A., not wanting to transport all those bottles. Cha ching.

Oh no, David rendered my expensive flat iron a fire hazard so I had to buy a new one or risk death by blazing hair. And the bottom line keeps inflating.

We headed upstairs…the best part is placing the cart on the cart only escalator. I love riding up, side by side, me on the human’s only escalator and my future possessions on its’ own rail.

We step off into the kitchen section. I love pots, pans, gadgets…I had been searching for a new cutting board in L.A. and happened to have a conversation with the department manager. She turned me on to the amazing Epicurean cutting board that is knife friendly, heat resistant to 350 degrees, does not harbor bacteria, eco friendly and dishwasher safe at the amazing low price of $24.99. It is just fab.

I sous chef 10 times a day so this item excites me. I needed one in NY. Another purchase. Then I thought, I need to re-heat leftovers (not a fan of the microwave) and bake so I better buy another baking pan and some new wines glasses to toast our third bedroom renovation in one year.

We headed for the checkout…damn, we need the Swedish Fish steroid size bag. David is a fish man.


Check out time…hundred’s of dollars later, we leave poorer, but satiated, still believers and we saved 20% off the bottom line.

Again, we bought into the 3B culture. The doorman does not even stop us to check our receipt a la Costco…he knows us well and bids us a fond farewell, knowing we shall return very soon. We head home eager to check email and the mail box for more 20% off coupons…we kneel at the altar of Bed Bath &Beyond our expectations…

After thought…the Los Angeles Bed Bath & Beyond is a completely different experience. No doorman, self parking, challenging up ramp that freaks out L.A. drivers, fewer employees, customer service lines that are freeway traffic lanes long and no Swedish fish, but they do accept coupons.


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