Beauty Without Borders…


I’ll admit it…I cried during morning TV yesterday.

It was early Wednesday morning, after a sleepless night from illness and daily concerns, accompanied by a  4 am doggie clean up duty. When that pre-dawn activity was completed, my husband’s alarm went off at 5am…he was leaving on a jet plane.

Sleep was out of the question so I started working and put on the television. Survival not beauty was the plan for the day…then I witnessed a lovely story about Dove’s new experiment to empower women featured in the ” Love Your Selfie” segment on the Today Show.

Back story…in a survey, sponsored by Dove, 46 percent of women agreed they would take something that made them feel more beautiful.

The new ad campaign from Dove enlists a handful of women who are told that they’re going to help test a revolutionary new beauty patch, RB-X.

They must wear the patch for two weeks and using video diaries, document their feelings. Their exit interviews reveal that the patch has made them feel beautiful and confident.

“I’ve been more comfortable in clothes I didn’t wear before, more comfortable doing my hair differently, showing off my face more,” said Tahnee, one of the participants, after wearing the patch 12 hours a day during the test.

“I’ve been more social with the patch on,” said Tracey.

“I’d love people to have the kind of change that I’ve had,” said Britney.

Women were told the patch would enhance the way they perceived their own beauty. They didn’t know what was contained in the patch.

In the end, psychologist Ann Kearney-Cooke, reveals to the women that there was never anything in the patch and that the confidence they garnered from feeling beautiful was within them the whole time!

A true revelation…People, in particular, women, it is all about confidence and true inner beauty….if you believe it, you can do it. (to quote the 1989 film, Field of Dreams, “If you build it, he will come”).

The reveal…get your confident tush out there every day, stand up straight, carry yourself with confidence and it will ultimately improve the way people perceive you…strength and confidence are very sexy.
Feeling beautiful, specifically feeling fabulous in my clothes (thin day) or having a great hair day, always boosts my confidence and makes me feel unstoppable…in my household, we know on those special days, we have to take my hair out for drinks and dinner.
After brushing away the tears, I confidently rose from my desk, quickly created a patch out of a NY Giants t-shirt, rolled my menopausal compounds all over for additional confidence, kissed it for good luck and stuck it on my upper arm.
I’m in a permanent beautiful state of mind.


Get your beautiful on today and treat yourself to Christina Aguilera’s, Beautiful:

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