Bear Witness…

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Here’s the scoop…The Devil will resume regular programming on Wednesday, July 5th.

In the interim, if you are looking for a binge worthy activity during the long holiday weekend watch the TV series, The Bear, on Hulu or FX.

The second season is incredible. It may take a few episodes to adjust to the new pacing after season 1, but the ride is, ultimately, exhilarating.

Episode 7, Forks, is brilliant, one of the most memorable episodically compelling stories I have ever seen.

The show contains all the intrinsic elements…acting, writing, character development, relationships, even the music leaves a memorable impression.

Unexpectedly, Coach K’s autobiography (the iconic Duke basketball coach) plays an inspirational role.

The second season of The Bear sends its key players on journeys of skill development and personal growth.

Do not pass on The Bear.

Enjoy the holiday weekend💜

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