Beach Blanket Bonanza…

If it’s the weekend I have to be beachin’ it in Malibu.

Saturday, we easily navigated an early morning drive up the Pacific Coast Highway with the wind blowing a cool breeze, negating the oppressive heat vibes from the east coast that had violated us for weeks.

I have not participated in the California surf shuffle since April.

It is great to be sitting under an umbrella by the roaring Pacific Ocean.

The sea breeze has forced me into a long sleeve t-shirt.

I haven’t been cool in 100 days!

Hiked up a mountain Saturday at 8am.

I was very excited because my back has been so bad lately that I thought my hiking days were over, but I triumphed and did a happy dance when I arrived back at the bottom.

Lunch at Sunset Restaurant with an ocean view and a bowl of sweet, rotund, succulent mussels did the trick.

Reading an entertaining mystery for hours with my feet unadorned and snuggled deep in silky sand, felt like paradise.

Then Sunday, after another jaunt at the beach, I completed my homecoming by indulging in outrageously incredible sushi at Hide, the one thing I miss most about Los Angeles (that and straight hair!)

Despite rising Covid cases, bad drivers, $6 a gallon gas, $8.69  organic, cage free, roaming eggs and thugs following peeps home trying to steal jewelry, cars and designer handbags, it’s good to be in humidity free, always sunny LaLaLand.

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