Be Mine…


Romance is not dead.

My husband continues to deliver.

Perhaps he fears the consequences.

I prefer to think he worships me and wants to make every day special because he loves me more today than yesterday and not as much as tomorrow.

Valentine’s Day started with the flower presentation.

We held our own unexploited rose ceremony.

I accepted the flowers and was delighted that my husband subbed tulips for the cliche red rose which the heinous reality show, The Bachelor, has turned into a joke.

An appointment for a blowout followed the card ceremony.

Since I was not feeling well, David ordered lunch in.

Dinner was a romantic outing at Juku, a new lower Manhattan hot spot where we indulged in the Izakaya fare.

The Tom Ford sunglasses that I had walked away from at Bergdorf Goodman during my prolonged shopping hiatus were presented during the dessert course.

I am a lucky girl…still in love and loved and I look darn good in those sunglasses!

By the way, David was gifted, as well.

Ours is an equal opportunity arrangement.

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