Be A Badass…

It’s Friday.

I propose some serious weekend cogitation.

If you are as troubled and concerned about our country’s future as I am, please take a moment to focus on the following.

I suggest a quick, simple and easy solution.

Let your representatives know how you stand on key topics.

For instance, let the powers that be know you are behind an investigation into Russia’s involvement in our elections.

Text INVESTIGATE to 528-86.

You will get an immediate link from Pantsuit Action Network…Pantsuit Action Network is a grass root mobilization of regular people working together toward a common goal to effectuate change.

Fill in your info and an email will automatically be created for you to contact your state representatives..

I just did it in under 60 seconds.

You will be earmarked a Badass and you will feel groovy.

Please, Just Do It.

We cannot just give in.

We must fight back.

Happy Holidays…this is a thoughtful, priceless gift to give to all your concerned, involved friends and family.

P.S. Google, Pantsuit Action Network.  Read more about their goal to protect civil liberties and to restore common courtesy and reform our election process.


  1. Thank you! Will do!

  2. Done !! !!

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