Bang, Bang My Baby Shot Me Down…

Stop The Madness, Pass Bipartisan Gun Control Laws

Yesterday I took the subway.

That swamp is never drained.

My destination was a chichi salon to have my color done surrounded by posturing, obnoxious millennials in constant motion going nowhere.

I walked home on 5th Avenue amongst a throng of pushy humanity.

I took a crowded subway at rush hour to SoHo…always unpleasant.

I spoke with Minnesota Twins fans who were inappropriately aggressive in their desire to beat the NY Yankees.

They soon ate their words.

I mention all this because I made a pledge to myself to not comment, reprimand or express myself through random judgmental facial expressions.

The reason…the mass carnage in Las Vegas.

I was going to smile, be complacent and allow life’s annoyances and non-righteous actions roll over me.

I actually succeeded.

Then I realized it is not me that has to change, but Congress.

The people’s representatives are so far up the collective asses of the gun lobbyists that they have sold out the country’s safety and sanity for the all mighty dollar.

There is no reason in the world that anyone in America is in need of a semi-automatic weapon or guns of any sort.

Put the gun lobby money into the police force, education or mental health.

That hideous lying troll (I know I am supposed to be nice) Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Monday that, “There’s a time and place for a political debate, but now is the time to unite as a country.”

Seriously, you ignorant slut. Go polish your pearls.

Deep breath…be outwardly civil.

Americans, when the hell are we going to learn?

Does every politician who votes against gun control legislation need to have a loved one murdered before they do the right thing?

I will continue to make nice even when the righteousness of the situation bites me in the butt, but people in power need to stand up and do what is right for the citizens of America.

That is how you Make America Great…and safe, forever.

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  1. I totally agree! Thank you!

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