ATM Takes On New Meaning…


Withdrawals without altering the bottom line.

That was the case at Canada’s TD Bank last week.

Over 20,000 TD employees across Canada distributed green envelopes containing a $20 bill to every customer in more than 1,100 TD branches.

In addition, thousands of others using TD phone and online banking service were informed that they would receive a deposit directly into their accounts. A total of 30,000 customers were surprised and delighted.

“We thought we would really kick it up a notch,” said Chris Stamper, SVP corporate marketing at TD Canada Trust, explaining the idea behind the TD Thanks You campaign.

Mom Given Disneyland Tickets For Her Kids
Mom Given Disneyland Tickets For Her Kids

And they did, morphing an ATM into an ATM (automatic thanking machine) with a talking head voice over, stunning more than one dozen pre-selected customers and dispensing personalized gifts to each one of them.

Local branch employees aided in the customer selections. The Chosen Ones from across the country had either experienced tough times or others were rewarded for just being kind and caring.

For the big reveal, the bank was able to get the customers into the branch by asking them to come in to test a new ATM.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.32.20 AM

single mom, who said she has never been able to take her kids anywhere, was given a trip to Disneyland.  An elderly mother was given tickets to Trinidad to visit her daughter who is battling cancer.

Jose Bautista Catching 1st Pitch from TD Customer at Toronto Blue Jays Game  Photo:
Jose Bautista Catching 1st Pitch from TD Customer at Toronto Blue Jays Game

An avid Blue Jays fan was greeted by the Toronto Blue Jay’s star, Jose Bautista, who told him he would be throwing the first pitch out at a game.

Footage of each surprise has proven so captivating that it has received more than 2.5 million views on YouTube.

I need to bank elsewhere. All I have even received is a stinkin’ pen.

Kudos to TD…giving back really pays dividends.

Please watch the video so it all makes sense and grab some tissues…



  1. Paula Lopez says:

    How did the bank know what each person needed?

    • Individuals who worked at the various TD Bank branches had input into the selection of the dozen or so people selected. As stated,they were chosen due to varying life circumstances or just for being nice and kind customers.

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