Are You Kidding Me…

I can’t believe it’s 2019 and men are still dictating the laws regarding a woman’s body.

I was literally stunned when I read that the United States was threatening to veto a United Nations  resolution on combatting the use of rape as a weapon of war because of its language on reproductive and sexual health.

Unfortunate compromises were made and the very weak, watered-down version passed on Tuesday.

In recent months, the Trump administration has taken a hard line, refusing to agree to any UN documents that refer to sexual or reproductive health.

The US  is actively editing language which implies support for abortions through family planning clinics.

The US has also opposed the use of the word ‘gender’ seeing it as a cover for liberal promotion of transgender rights.

This is all due to the Trump administration and its’ opposition to abortion.

Women can run for president, lead multi-national corporations and have a great influence over our democratic election process, but  the sexist powers that be are undermining women’s rights and once again questioning females right to self-determination.

This power trip has to end, now!

Its long overdue.

Time to snip the dick and render it impotent.



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