Apple Picking…

Buying a new Apple iPhone takes longer than having a head full of highlights done.

I certainly don’t look better for the time spent in the Salon de Pomme.

So many decisions…model, color, case, glass or plastic screen protector all for the low, low price of $1400.

So many questions…interrogation about technical issues is well beyond my pay grade.

Transferring your valuable information, praying all the photos make it to the new Max.

The pressure to have total password recall…who remembers their iTune or Apple ID…it’s sequestered in my little black book at home.

I felt as if I was preparing for a blue book final.

Anxiously waiting while the sun beats down on you as you watch the horizontal white line creep across your new screen to consummate the transaction.

And, of course, my recently purchased new case for my 7+, the charger and extended charging cords aren’t compatible.

Is reaching out and touching worth all this?

I am sure once I master the iPhone 11 Pro Max I will be ‘like’ way more interesting and totally trending.



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  1. Beth Martin says:

    Brave of you. I’m contemplating the upgrade but not in the mood to learn a whole new system. Keep me posted on how your transition goes.

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