Is developing anxiety another Golden Years neurosis?

Out of the blue, I feel myself tensing up when I have to be somewhere at a specific time.

In Los Angeles getting from point A to point B constitutes unpredictability.

No matter what Waze dictates there is always a delay.

The traffic light on PCH can be an 8 minute wait if you miss it.

The California Incline can take 3 lights to get through because the line is long and drivers are always focused on their cell.

Yesterday, a CHP officer came to a stop by my passenger side door and a young guy in the car next to me was on the phone.

The slick police officer looked right into his window and sternly said, “Pull over, now”


Talk about anxiety.

Issues constantly arise involving Queen E. post mortem.

The state of the country and the world at large causes anxiety.

What’s with the blond ambition, namely men with terminally bad hair days running the world?

Would you ever think a buffoon like trump would be president or Boris Johnson the British Prime Minister.

And let’s not overlook starving kids and children living in cages in America, the environment, North Korea, Iran, racism, antisemitism, the list is endless.

I used to keep my concerns centered around taking care of family, earthquakes and NY Giants defeats.

I need to check out the plethora of medical marijuana outlets in LA. and f…ing relax.

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  1. Empathy abounding!

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