Another Dull Saturday in NYC…

Woke up early Saturday after seeing Oslo.

Oslo, an Off-Broadway transfer to The Great White Way, is an engrossing drama about a key chapter in the long and largely unsuccessful history of efforts to broker Middle East peace.

Oslo ran three hours and then I stayed up to watch Wisconsin/Florida NCAA Sweet 16 overtime thriller so I was tired.

I turned to David and said that we should have an exercise free day, just hang out and watch Netflix.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel photo: Sarah Shatz

For all those Gilmore Girls fans who adore quick and clever repartee as well as those who appreciate inspired original programming, check out the new Amy Sherman-Palladino pilot, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

It is creative, engaging and funny.

I just cannot wait for the show to be picked up and then I can binge watch this gem.

The phone rings and all our sedentary plans go up in smoke.

Courtny is heading uptown to visit the doggies and she comes bearing bagels and schmear, loaded with smoked sable from Zucker’s.

Satiated, we decide to walk the 5 1/2 miles  (13000 steps) to her apartment to wash Finnley.

The two girls planned a sleepover.

Retail therapy stops are also on the agenda.

David joined the pack and agreed to hang in Bryant Park with Finnley…Madison is unable to join the party as she is still recuperating.

We hit Courtny’s place around 3pm, put our feet up and watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Eventually, David donned his tool belt and did his handyman thing around Courtny’s place.

We order Thai and watch Olivia Wilde and Oscar Issac shooting, Life Itself, a new movie shooting outside Courtny’s window.

Olivia Wilde, Oscar Issac

Around 5 we headed home.

The train was slow and packed.

The conductor had a heavy braking foot so we really had an opportunity to meet our fellow travelers.

We ended the day where we started, hunkering down with March Madness and Netflix.

New York City…endless possibilities.




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