An Evening En Pointe…

I pirouetted my way through last night.

What a lovely evening with my daughter.

We donned our white gloves and evening attire and attended the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center.

The program featured a classic and modern performance both choreographed by George Balanchine.

The standout was the third presentation, a unique dance employing 26 dancers and choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon.


My mother who was a ballet dancer kept whispering in my ear all night…beautiful arms, great extension, perfect point, bad balance.

Queen E. dragged me to ballets all my life and took Courtny to see the Nutcracker every holiday season until she begged for mercy.

In all honesty it was splendid keeping the tradition alive.

Martinis and ballet with my favorite person makes for a grand evening.

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  1. Lovely! I also like Wheeldon’s choreography. your Mom called me everyday to tell me that she just went to the ballet in Miami and then went on to tell me what SHE thought….good or bad. She liked the classics better than the new modern ballets.You are correct… soothes the soul.

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