America’s Angels…

Good morning, Angels.

Dr. Fiona Hill, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and Laura Cooper.

The real, authentic, badass Charlie’s Angels.

These women are whip smart, steely, dedicated, loyal and focused on the pursuit of protecting democracy at all costs.

Their words are weapons of mass destruction against the lying, cheating Republicans and their corrupt, fatuous dictator, trump.

All Americans should be fixated with preserving democracy and guaranteeing open and fair elections.

Listen up, you wimpy, loud mouth, sniveling Republicans.

Step up and protect our country against Agent Orange and his very dangerous f..k buddy, Putin.

If we wanted to be dominated by Russians we would hire a Soviet dominatrix or move to Moscow.

BTW, I found my presidential avenging angel…Dr. Fiona Hill…you go, girl. You have my vote💪🏻

*photo:Washington Post


*photo:ABC News






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