Always Hip To Be Square…



Flooded with memories.

Huey Lewis and the News were a constant in my life for a very long time.

I knew them before we all started spreading the News…they were the American Express and then a potential conflict pulled the plug on that.

Our Chrysalis Records contest birthed Huey Lewis and the News.

The rest is rock ‘n roll history.

Saw the Broadway musical this week based on Huey Lewis and the News music.

The story line was obviously created as a framework for all the hit singles.

Each song invoked so many memories.  I remember when the band was on tour and scheduled to play at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. The Commanding Officer called me to cancel the show because he stated that the could not promote a show with a drug culture. I was gobsmacked. I prodded and ascertained that he was referencing the single, I Want A New Drug. I literally had to go line by line to prove to him it was a love analogy.

The show went on!

Their debut album sold under 100,000 copies yet I had waged a hugely successful PR campaign.

Huey is smart, charming and a formidable frontman.

Our mutual love of sports lent itself to many clever campaigns. FYI…Huey went to Cornell on a baseball scholarship. He dropped out when Elvis Costello reached out to Huey to join his band, Clover. The rest is history.

Huey was one of the first hosts of the American Music Awards. The big deal was sealed. Then the owner/producer Dick Clark called me to toss around the idea of Huey hosting the show with an up and coming artist. It was my job to gently nudge him towards agreeing to cohosting with the newbie, Madonna.  Lights, camera, action.

Enough said. I have a plethora of interesting stories, but those are for the book😉

On Broadway, The Heart of Rock and Roll is all about the music.

I am delighted to report that I am dementia free…I remembered every single lyric to every single song.


  1. Good story

  2. Cathy Newman says:

    My friend Billy Tighe (who played my future son-in-law on the La Cage tour) plays a character named Tucker. They bleached his brown hair blonde, so he looks a bit like Ken!

    Hope you enjoyed it!

    • He was very good. Definitely an over exaggerated role! The show was so boring and trite, but the music flooded me with memories. Every song brought to mind personal experiences.
      I am on a bad roll. Hated Water For Elephants and Heart of Rock was mediocre at best. Today is Illinoise 🤞🏻

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