Almost Perfect…

I love the city.

But, a mini vacay is always welcome.We woke up early…destination Southampton.

The drive was easy and only took 1:40.

We pulled into Main Street in Southampton on a gorgeous, 75 degree Saturday in October.

We cruised the shops and stopped at the Gourmet Cheese Shop for eggs and coffee.

Onward to the majestic, expansive Cooper Beach.

This day was all about our four-legged friends.

The gang of 5 participated in the G rated version of, Girls Gone Wild.

Madison and Finnley romped in the water, ran circles around us and dug for clams.

It sure made me joyful knowing that puppy, Finnley, was able to be unleashed and roam free.

Run like the wind.

There were several pods of dolphins spotted in the surprisingly warm Atlantic Ocean water.

Dozens of birds flew in V formation overhead.

The day so far was perfection.

Main Street, Southampton

After hours on the beach, we stopped at 75 Main Street and sat outside under the bright azure sky devouring salads and rose.

The drive back was easy until we hit the outskirts of Manhattan and then the day’s only challenge kicked in.

We made a pit stop in the Village to wash the sand and surf off the girls and headed home to watch the Yankees break my heart.

The day was nearly perfect.

As I am about to publish today’s blog, I need to be honest and state that this was probably the worst sports weekend in recent memory…not only did the NY Yankees lose Game 7 and will not be in the Workd Series, but my college team lost in the final moments and the NY Giants ate it big, their offense having left the building as soon as they kicked off in the opening minute of the game…boo hoo?


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