All Is Not O-Kay…

Every time I think things are pretty damn good, the bottom appears to drops out.

Yesterday, I had a great hair day and was feeling sassy.

Then my cell rang.

Madison, our beloved Golden Lab, had a growth removed from her paw and we decided to have a biopsy to play it safe.

I have been nursing her all week as her activities are greatly limited. She has to don a boot when venturing outside.

The call was from the vet…Madison’s growth is malignant and it is necessary to probe further before amputating her toe to make sure the cancer has not spread.

A bomb exploded in my chest.

Ms. Madison Avenue

Madison is our perma puppy…the sweetest, easiest, most perfect dog ever.

Post call, I spent quality time with Madison.

Afterwards, I randomly checked Facebook.

On my FB feed a photo popped up of the indefatigable Kay. Yesterday was her birthday and I had sent her best wishes.

The caption blew me away.

Kay had recently passed.

I could not believe it, but her daughter confirmed it.

Kay had been our travel agent for decades and became a family treasure.

She was a part of every milestone in Courtny’s life.

Kay frequently checked in after she retired.

My mom and Kay had a connection…she looked forward to their phone calls.

Last night I had a good cry.

While blubbering, David called to let me know he had experienced a harrowing night.

He was in Denver for work and he set out for an event at his boss’ home in suburban Denver…out of the blue, a powerful snowstorm blew in and he found himself stranded for over three hours on a country road.

Mr. Cool, Calm and Collected sounded harried.

I then had to further complicate his evening.

Moving forward, David is safe.

I hold positive thoughts for Madison.

I am richer for having known Kay, a kind, considerate, loving woman who was devoted to her husband, daughters and grandchildren…it was an honor to have known her.

The world is a little less O-Kay today.




  1. Roberta Ballard says:

    So sorry for your loss?. I’m happy that David is safe and I’m praying for Madison. I hope you are well in spite of all the bumps in your road….it will be smooth sailing as you always make it.

  2. Yes, a heavy heart.

  3. Chloe Derksen says:

    What a crap day!! I would have been a puddle on the floor. I hope it’s only onwards and upwards from here <3

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